Pickling, preserving and canning: Make your own food at home this year

One of today’s hottest hobbies was born of yesteryear’s necessity.

By Michael Mettler / Photos by Steve Lenz [more]

Home-grown nutritious nibbles: Herb gardening to brighten your life

Eating herbs you’ve cultivated at home adds a dash of tasty nutrients to your meals.

By Lindsey Thompson / Courtesy photos [more]

Backyard vegetable gardening on the grow

By Michael Mettler

If you are as tired of the winter doom and gloom as most of us are this time of the year, you are anxiously awaiting the official return of the spring season and all the glory it brings: flowering bulbs bursting forth in yards, trees budding out, lawns returning to their vibrant green hue, baby critters popping up left and right, longer days filled with sun, and, of course, vegetable gardening. [more]

Let Them Eat Cake

A civilized take on a time-honored wedding tradition

Story by Tamara Enz / Contributed photo [more]

Welcome to 2015. Now Kindly Ax Your Seated Dinners

By Michael Mettler / Photo by Ali Walker

In my past wedding experiences I have always been a guest, never a bride (at least, as far as I remember), so I can say this objectively: Airline food may be the only thing that has a worse reputation than the food served at weddings. [more]

Holiday Entertaining Made Easy

By Michael Mettler / Photos by Nick Page

All of us have a friend or co-worker who makes entertaining seem effortless. While you’d love to hate them, you might not get invited to their parties any longer if you do. [more]

Thanksgiving for Non-Traditionalists

Story and photos by Tamara Enz

Cereal and Scotch whisky could seem like an odd choice for Thanksgiving dinner, but I had eaten the leftovers for breakfast; there was no other option. You might think otherwise, but this is not a sad story. [more]