Real Cooks: Theodore Carlat

Going Against the Grain

By Genevieve Jones / Photos by Colby Kuschatka

Three days a week, Theodore Carlat wanders around the Garden Vegan Café with slices of dark, dense bread.  [more]

Creating A Raw Diet That’s Healthy and Tasty

By Genevieve Jones / Photos by Greg Lehman

Matthew Knoefler doesn’t own a stove or an oven, and he uses his microwave to store spices. Although he technically doesn’t “cook” much of his food, he is the focus of this month’s “Real Cooks” because his culinary creativity sets him apart from other residents of Milton-Freewater. [more]

Chef Campolio takes Walla Walla to New York

By Genevieve Jones

At first, Antonio Campolio thought someone was playing a joke on him.

As the executive chef of the Marcus Whitman Hotel & Conference Center, Campolio gets a lot of email, not all of it serious. But after re-reading the message, he realized it was the real deal — he was invited to cook at the James Beard House in New York City. [more]


Tomato Sauce

2 to 3 ounces extra-virgin olive oil

3 garlic cloves, crushed

One 28-ounce can whole, peeled pear tomatoes in juice


Fat and Happy at the Fat Duck Inn

By Genevieve Jones / Photos by Joe Tierney

Nestled among stately homes and towering maple trees, the Fat Duck Inn is just as cozy and warm as the name leads you to believe. On October 1, Rich and Cynthia Koby took over the inn and now run it with a local culinary student (and sometimes their daughter). [more]

Fish Finesse

By Genevieve Jones / Photos by Colby Kuschatka

Sous-chef José Meza has a lot on his plate, or rather, a lot to serve up on plates. Not only is he sous-chef at Olive Marketplace & Café, T. Maccarone’s and the newly opened café at Basel Cellars, he is also an expert in seafood. Fish, shellfish, crustaceans, you name it; he knows how to prepare it deliciously. He makes it a priority to source an incredible variety of sustainable and fresh seafood. At Olive there is always a display case brimming with a variety of seafood — anything from glistening mahi-mahi to sharp-edged oysters. More importantly, José is always willing to share his story and seafood expertise. [more]


8 ounces fresh halibut, diced small

3 limes, juiced [more]