Pairing Wine, Food and Music For a Great Cause

By Robin Hamilton / Photos by Linda Herbert

Providence St. Mary Medical Center is determined to make its Gran Fondo, which benefits cancer patients with special needs, a fun fundraiser.  [more]

What’s That Crop?

By Karlene Ponti / Photos by Steve Lenz

Walla Walla Valley farmers produce a wealth of crops, creating a sustainability few other regions can boast. [more]

Recipe: Bread-and-Butter Pickled Onion Relish

Bread-and-Butter Pickled Onion Relish
Contributed by Alex English
These pickles are good on the occasional burger, or on a hot dog, in lieu of sauerkraut. I’ve enjoyed them frequently over rice, with a fried egg and some soy sauce. [more]

Gleaning Is the New Black

By Robin Hamilton / Photos by Steve Lenz

Jean Wilkinson bends, moves the crushed yellow stalks of the onion to the right, and pulls. Two quick clips with her scissors, and she has her prize: an ever-so-slightly pockmarked Walla Walla sweet onion. She pops it into her bucket and moves on. [more]

The Ice Cream Family: Picking Your Favorite Relative

By Genevieve Jones / Photos by Greg Lehman

There aren’t words to describe the “udder” joy unleashed by a sweet, frozen treat on a sweltering summer day. [more]

To Market, Two Markets

By Gillian Frew / Photos by Steve Lenz

Ah, the farmers market: The smell of summer, the colorful sight of fresh produce neatly arrayed in the sun, the hum of live music mingling with good conversation, the taste of something fresh-squeezed — it’s a feast for the senses.  [more]

The Kitchen Tango: Behind the Scenes at T. Maccarone’s

By Diane Reed / Photos by Colby Kuschatka

A night out at a good restaurant can be a transformative experience. When the preparation, execution and presentation come together like a beautiful dance — it can be bliss. [more]