Fair Food Recipes

If you need to ease your way into fair-food season, we suggest making one of the following to tease and tantalize your palate. [more]

Deep-Fried Everything: The Glorious Food Creations of a County Fair

By Michael Mettler /Photos by Nick Page

If you can fry it, you can sling it — at a county fair, that is.  [more]

“If You Think You’re Afraid of Sauces…”

By Tamara Enz / Photos by Don Fleming 

Julia Child famously said, “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” She almost certainly never said, “If you’re afraid of sauces, use spheres.” [more]

2014 June Recipe


Barbecue — Getting Sauced and Smoked

By Michael Mettler / Photos by Nick Page

“Barbecuing is one percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.” — Michael Mettler, after Thomas Edison [more]

Bacon&Eggs Hits the Jackpot with Walla Walla’s Brunch Scene

By Michael Mettler / Photos by Nick Page

Breakfast cocktails. Enough said.  [more]

Bite into France

By Carly Yaeger / Photos by Steve Lenz

Bienvenue à France in Walla Walla. As you step through the front door, the sweet aromas of chocolate and coffee welcome you. Your taste buds begin to awaken from a pastry-less sleep. Your eyes then spot the 5-foot glass-encased display of fancy confections, and you know you’ve arrived. [more]