• Carly Yaeger / Photos by Steve Lenz

    There are certain expectations of someone from Idaho: some knowledge of — or, at least, interest in — nature, animals, hiking, huckleberries, farms and horses. I think I was born in the wrong state. more

  • Choreographer KT Nelson Returns With More Bodies at Rest and in Motion

    By Robin Hamilton / Photos by Steve Lenz more

  • By Jennifer Colton-Jones / Photos by Steve Lenz

    The sun is shining, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy it, from the summits of the Blue Mountains to the depths of Lake Wallula. more

  • By Jennifer Colton-Jones / Photos by Chris Picard

    It’s not quite “Around the World in 80 Days,” but organizing the iconic Walla Walla Balloon Stampede in 90 is no less monumental. more

  • By Diane Reed / Photos by Nick Page

    The Walla Walla Valley’s reputation as locavore-friendly has received a welcome boost with the recent opening of Blue Mountain Station’s artisan food center on Route 12, just south of Dayton. more

  • For this year’s Wedding Issue, Walla Walla Lifestyles talked to dozens of local couples to find out what weddings in Walla Walla look like these days. We discovered three remarkable couples who have found happiness in each other’s arms.  more

  • How local school-sports programs are learning to recognize its signs and manage its risks more

  • By Robin Hamilton / Photos by Steve Lenz

    If you’ve spent much time in Walla Walla, you know that winter is often … gloomy. more

  • Father and daughter take up motorcycle touring

    By Robin Hamilton/Photos by Steve Lenz

    Bill and Abigail Schwerin are father-and-daughter business partners, winery owners and rock ’n’ roll impresarios. They are also good friends. more

  • Brogan Watson loves her horse, but she also loves to dress up. more

  • By Robin Hamilton

    Dance can be music made flesh. Visual art that moves. A narrative brought to vibrant life.

    Or it can run counter to those forms — dancing without music, without recognizable shapes, without a story.   more

  • By Robin Hamilton / Photos by Steve Lenz

    Jean Wilkinson bends, moves the crushed yellow stalks of the onion to the right, and pulls. Two quick clips with her scissors, and she has her prize: an ever-so-slightly pockmarked Walla Walla sweet onion. She pops it into her bucket and moves on. more

  • By Diane Reed / Photos by Steve Lenz

    Blue Mountain Wildlife Soars Into the Future

    Robert Washington was rolling down Interstate 84 in his United Van Lines truck when something hit his windshield with a loud thump. To his dismay, he realized it was a large bird, now firmly wedged under the truck’s outside sun visor.  more

  • By Gillian Frew / Photos by Steve Lenz

    Ah, the farmers market: The smell of summer, the colorful sight of fresh produce neatly arrayed in the sun, the hum of live music mingling with good conversation, the taste of something fresh-squeezed — it’s a feast for the senses.  more

  • Tips from a Wedding Planner

    Courtesy of Carrie Brennan, owner/ planner, Without a Hitch {Weddings and Events}, Walla Walla

    Know your budget (and stay within it). Most big wedding arguments happen because of budget issues. Know how much you have to spend, and stay within your means. more

  • Walla Walla is known as a bicyclist’s paradise: relatively sparsely traveled rural roads with beautiful scenery. But these same roads are used by farmers, residents and other motorists. After several deaths the question remains: Is there room for everyone? more

  • By Diane Reed / Photos by Steve Lenz

    Many people come to Blue Mountain Humane Society to rescue animals — dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, even snakes and their kin — that need a “forever” home. more

  • By Diane Reed / Photos by Colby Kuschatka

    The Legacy of Conert Eagon

    Conert Eagon was a professional engineer. But, at heart, he was an artist who crafted exquisite stringed instruments as a true labor of love. more

  • By Karlene Ponti / Photos by Greg Lehman

    Mary Lambert used to jog past the house at 1461 Durant St., not realizing that one day she would live there. more

  • By Karlene Ponti / Photos by Greg Lehman

    The home of Val and Mary Ellen Jensen at 2235 Crosshaven Drive uses rock and tile in distinctive ways. more




Fair Food Recipes

If you need to ease your way into fair-food season, we suggest making one of the following to tease and tantalize your palate. [more]

Deep-Fried Everything: The Glorious Food Creations of a County Fair

By Michael Mettler /Photos by Nick Page

If you can fry it, you can sling it — at a county fair, that is.  [more]

“If You Think You’re Afraid of Sauces…”

By Tamara Enz / Photos by Don Fleming 

Julia Child famously said, “If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” She almost certainly never said, “If you’re afraid of sauces, use spheres.” [more]

2014 June Recipe


The Five Flavors of Culinary Health

A guide to home health care with Chinese medical nutrition [more]

It’s Summer. What’s on Your List?

By Rebecca Thorpe / Photo by Steve Lenz

Lists. Even in this technological day and age, a simple, written list is quite useful. So much so that even our smartphones are comprised of lists. They are tucked away behind the pictures of our apps, lined up like tiny files. [more]

Healthy Mother, Healthy Baby

What complementary medicine can do for your pregnancy

By Lindsey Thompson, EAMP, L.Ac. / Photo by Steve Lenz [more]

Savoring Shade

By Karlene Ponti / Photos by Nick Page

Jenny and Rogers Miles, of 618 Hobson St., wanted a classic, relaxing garden. [more]

Feels Like Home

By Karlene Ponti / Photos by Nick Page

Although Jenny and Rogers Miles really liked their 1928 home at 618 Hobson St., they were uncertain about whether their work prospects would let them stay in the Walla Walla area for very long. But, as time went by, they thought of projects they might like to do in the house — if they were going to stay. [more]

2014 August – What’s New in W2

A Perfect Pairing

Studio TWOZEROTWO, a tasting room paired with an art gallery featuring resident artists, is the latest addition to the downtown W² scene. [more]

Main Street Studios

Big Names, Live Music, Local Venue

By Joe Cooke / Photos by Nick Page [more]